The simple to use Timestrip indicators offer precise monitoring of time since activation or length of a temperature breach.

Timestrip indicators are activated by a simple squeeze of button. The modern design allows users to gather data with a glance. Adhesive backing on the small indicators make it simple to attach to the product, shipment or item to be monitored.


Timestrip Complete TC400, TC489 and TC490, indicators for temperatures between -2 and +8°C for guaranteeing the cold chain of food, pharma, healthcare and life sciences products.





For even more in-depth control, the new Timestrip NEO provides additional information on the duration of exposure to temperatures above 8 C as well as a double visual check for descending temperatures with alerts at 2 C and -0.5 C.


Timestrip irreversible temperature indicators are available in different models:

  • Timestrip Plus   classic indicators that monitor temperature increases from -20 to +38°C. 


  • Timestrip Food Temp  indicators specially designed for monitoring temperatures from 3 to 10°C for food products. 


  • Timestrip Blood Temp   indicators specially designed for monitoring blood supplies during their transport and storage. Blood Temp 10 is an FDA 510(k) approved medical device for monitoring the transport of blood bags at 10°C. Also available in a 6°C version.


Timestrip descending are irreversible temperature indicators for temperatures beyond 0 and 2°C.