Robustness and effective corrosion protection with less plastic ... find out how!

The innovative corrosion protection PROPATECH VCI T1500 and T3000 films have been created to guarantee maximum efficacy while reducing the quantity of plastic used at the same time. These films have exactly the same mechanical performance with a reduction in plastic as much as 30%, allowing not only important savings in terms of material but also a reduction in disposal costs and consequent significant reduction in environmental impact.

The advantage of the Propatech VCI T1500 and T3000 films is the same wear resistance and low water vapour permeability performance as traditional films but with a lower thickness.

The films are also extremely transparent, facilitating fitting, the checking of goods underneath and customs inspections without opening the packaging, which would adversely affect its corrosion protection.

PROPATECH VCI T1500 and T3000 films can be made into films, bags, sacks and covers to meet the wide variety of market demands.