Air bags Propablank

95% AIR + 5% POLYETHYLENE = 100% SAFETY...

PROPABLANK dunnage bags are the perfect and economic solution to solve the problem of load unsteadiness during road transport and in freight containers.

PROPABLANK are developed with high quality raw materials and technological procedures, all patented, which allow to achieve extremely high resistant air bags. PROPABLANK is completely realized in polyethylene, that makes it very easy to dispose and recycle.
It is important to remember that international transportation laws limit, and will increasingly limit, the use of salvage materials like wood, carton, plastic and polystyrene to fix loads and fill gaps between them. Once inflated, PROPABLANK dunnage bags contain 95% air and only 5% polyethylene.

PROPABLANK dunnage bags are very easy to use. To secure a load, you only need to insert one or more dunnage bags into the empty spaces and inflate them using the provided valve: once it has reached the optimal pressure, the dunnage bag will secure the load, protecting it from shocks or shifts caused by jolts or sudden movements.

PROPABLANK dunnage bags are entirely made in Italy.

NEWS!!! Today PROPABLANK dunnage bags are also available with RIGID VALVE, thus allowing to easily inflate and deflate them when necessary.  
Saving is guaranteed!