Propagroup S.p.A. Business Ethics

Business ethics is a branch of economic ethics aimed at pursuing business in full respect of a series of rules, shared principles and values that the company and all workers must abide by.

The main goal is to ensure that an ethical consideration is applied to one’s own decision and acts and those of others, thus combining the moral sphere with the managerial one, individual responsibilities with those of the company, and professionalism with organizational concerns. In this way, it is possible to translate consideration into concrete ethical action.
The conduct of all the people who make up the organization, especially those who have greater responsibility and authority, model and shape its image.

There is therefore a direct relationship between compliance, authority and reliability, and the company’s credibility and success.

This is the meaning of Business Ethics for Propagroup S.p.A., which recently passed SMETA/SEDEX audit according to the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit international protocol for its Corporate Code of Ethics.