Vaccines protected by Propagroup temperature monitoring systems!

Mass Covid 19 vaccination has just begun rolling out across Europe, and Propagroup is ready to make its contribution to the temperature control of vaccines during their transport and storage.

To tackle this unprecedented health crisis, the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies have developed different vaccines with a variety of technologies and characteristics. In addition to differences in the administration of doses, the various compositions demand different and sometimes unconventional storage methods.

On the news we have heard about storage conditions being very different from those of normal vaccines (2-8°C). It’s been said that one needs to be kept at -80°C, another at -23°C, and yet another at 2-8°C. What is essential for all the vaccines, though, is that they are kept at controlled temperatures to ensure their efficacy, and avoid precious and expensive doses from being wasted.

For all temperature monitoring needs, Propagroup has the solution. Our sales force will guide you in finding the most suitable tool for your application, whether it’s a physical or electronic temperature indicator or an advanced logger capable of communicating temperature values to a smartphone in real time.

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