Propaflex: The eco-friendly solution for impact protection of steel and other products supplied in rolls

Propaflex is the ideal solution for protecting rolls of material and heavy products during handling. It is highly flexible, protecting curved surfaces by adhering to them perfectly. This makes Propaflex suitable for all kinds of rolled products, such as steel coils, cable reels and piping, that require high protection from violent impacts, shocks, compression and adverse weather.

Propaflex is a winning solution for the protection of non-roll products too, since it also adapts perfectly to flat surfaces.

In addition, it is extremely easy to apply, lightweight, flexible and weldable.

Propaflex is an eco-friendly product. It is made from 100% recyclable, circular economy sourced, recycled plastics.

Simple to use, safe, robust, flexible and suitable for use with any product ... Propaflex is the right solution for all your roll materials and more!

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