Propatech VCI anti-corrosion papers: for clean corrosion protection

Propatech VCI anti-corrosion papers are the best solution to protect metal products from corrosion in a simple and clean way.

Thanks to this packaging, it is no longer necessary to use oil and grease to prevent oxidation of metals because the paper is already impregnated with an anti-corrosion agent that ensures effective and long-lasting protection.

Propatech VCI  papers can be double-sided, and are widely used either placed between metals for protection or as an additional solution for prolonging the efficacy and duration of protection; they can also be polythenated, ideal for holding the VCI agent inside the packaging and to provide the product further protection from external agents.

To ensure a more convenient and faster use, the product is available in pre-cut sheet rolls, which allow you to save paper and time.

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