Products are safer when properly monitored throughout the supply chain with Emerson temperature and humidity loggers

Many products need continuous monitoring throughout the supply chain in order to guarantee the preservation of their qualities right up to their final destination, especially in the case of food or pharmaceutical products that require a constant temperature and a specific humidity.

Indeed, once goods leave their production plant, it is essential that temperature and humidity are kept constant right up to the final consumer in order to guarantee a completely safe product. Although many perishable goods are transported in isothermal or refrigerated vans, continuous monitoring is still essential, because any trivial malfunction of the vehicle might cause significant damage to the products, and it may also be difficult to identify exactly which goods have suffered such damage.  

In order to guarantee effective monitoring, it is vital to use an efficient device such as an Emerson Go Logger, which is specifically designed to monitor temperature throughout the distribution chain, in order to provide accurate feedback at the end of the shipment process on whether ambient conditions have been kept constant or not.

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The Emerson line also offers Go Real Time devices, which, in addition to monitoring temperature and humidity, allow you to monitor the location of the goods from a distance, and are also equipped with a light sensor that alerts you every time the vehicle doors are opened.

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