Concerned about your goods travelling in cold weather? Discover our range of temperature indicators.

With winter just around the corner, transporting goods that are sensitive to low temperatures can pose a problem. Indeed, many products can be damaged by exposure to very low temperatures.

Consider for example fruit and vegetables, especially leafy products, which deteriorate very quickly when subjected to intense cold, leaving them unpresentable, let alone unsaleable.

In the pharmaceutical sector too, many products must be transported and stored with particular care and in temperature-controlled conditions to preserve their characteristics and guarantee effectiveness. Some medicines and vaccines, for example, require great care. If the product is subjected to extremely low temperatures, this could limit or inhibit the effectiveness of the active ingredient, definitively compromising its quality. The freezing and subsequent thawing of a medicine causes irreparable damage to the active principle, leaving the product unusable. 

Anyone who has been faced with this problem knows how useful temperature indicators are to monitor goods during transport. They enable us to know whether the goods have been exposed to non-ideal temperatures throughout the supply chain. This means that at the end of the journey, we can decided whether to discard the product as potentially damaged, or whether we can use it without worrying. 

Propagroup offers a comprehensive range of products for monitoring the cold supply chain: easy to use, extremely accurate and economical. Temperature indicators can tell you whether your goods have been exposed to lower temperatures than they can withstand, so their quality can be preserved until the products are used.

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