Pallets... how much do they cost me! The solution is Propasheet.

We have been witnessing a continuous increase in the prices of raw materials and wood in particular for the last two years. The reasons for these increases can be attributed to multiple factors ranging from geopolitical to environmental causes and speculation. These increases have led many companies to purchase large stocks of pallets in order to secure an acceptable price, causing a mismatch between supply and demand, resulting in a shortage of raw materials and leading to an even more significant increase in the price of pallets.

In addition to the large financial commitment, the large space required to store pallets must also be taken into account. The alternative solution exists and is called Propasheet

Propasheet is a cellulose fibre Slip Sheet that solves the problems of:

  -   storage, in the same space for 10 pallets we can store 500 Propasheets

  -   availability, Propagroup has a large stock available in different sizes and strengths

  -   fumigation, Propasheet does not need any special phytosanitary treatment for exports

  -   cost, Propasheet can cost up to ten times less than a Europallet

Read more about Propasheet here.