What are the most effective measures against humidity and condensate in packaging?

During transportation and storage of goods it is necessary to adopt appropriate technical procedures to resolve humidity and condensate problems, which otherwise could irreparably damage the materials contained in packaging. Propagroup has been present in the market for more than 40 years, specialized in the manufacture of innovative and functional products and systems to solve problems with condensate; they are a qualified reference point for the large number of companies operating in the most diverse industrial and trade sectors.

The Propagroup line was designed and developed to find an effective response to all the problems with humidity, including items for calculating humidity and temperature, ambient condition recorders, desiccant products such as silica gel, and much more. Specifically, it developed a valid solution for preventing the formation of condensate inside medium and large crates and freight containers: the Propadry anti-humidity tray, which employs three simple operations to eliminate humidity in closed spaces:

1. Propadry absorbs the humidity that passes through a breathable membrane.
2. The molecules contained in the mixture transform the condensate into water.
3. The water is then held in the tray.

The products and systems of Propagroup, which is located in Rivoli (province of Torino), are designed and built to prevent damage resulting from the presence of humidity and condensate. In this manner crates always reach their destination in perfect condition, with a considerable reduction in complaints.



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