ShockWatch and ShockDot impact indicators are sophisticated tamper-proof devices able to detect impacts due to mishandling of products during transportation or storage and to alert in a clear and irreversible manner.

ShockWatch and ShockDot indicators are very easy to use. Mounted on a packaging container, the device turns red when a potentially harmful impact has occurred.

There are different types of ShockWatch impact indicators:

  • ShockWatch and ShockDot labels: these devices contain a red liquid held in suspension. When the device is subjected to an impact above the G-level reaction of the indicator, the shock disrupts the surface tension of the liquid, by coloring the warning area red in a clearly visible way. ShockWatch labels are available in five sensitivities, as indicated by the five different colors. ShockDot indicators furthermore have a unique  identification system that guarantees their originality and quality.
  • ShockWatch 2: these monitoring devices detect the accidental fall during transit or storage. The ShockWatch 2 indicators are field-armable and have a unique identifier to support traceability. They are available in seven sensitivities, as indicated by the seven different colors and also in RFID version. Thanks to this technological innovation it will be possible to detect more rapidly a damaged package upon its receipt. Thanks to a RFID sensor that allows communication between the label and your society ERP, the activation can be read electronically and not only visually.
  • MAG 2000 is a cost-effective, resettable and temper-proof impact indicator able to record with accuracy the excessive impacts on large crates weighing over 225 kg (500 pounds). MAG 2000 is specifically designed to be calibrated according to your package weight.

Main applications of ShockWatch and ShockDot labels and ShockWatch 2: automotive components, commercial appliances, semiconductor devices, computer hard drives, lab equipment, storage media (HDs, recording tapes, etc.), glass products, electronics, furniture, and more.

Main applications of ShockWatch MAG 2000: particularly suitable for monitoring shipment of machinery packed in crates, manufacturing equipment, electronic systems, printing machines, X-ray equipment, freight containers, railway freight cars and trucks.

MAG 2000 can also be used in monitoring applications related to handling or products in motion during production processes.


  • Acts as a visual deterrent to improper use and handling
  • Promotes a chain of accountability for all product handling
  • Provides indisputable evidence of mishandling
  • Alerts recipients to inspect contents before acceptance in order to assess any possible damage
  • Allows sender to intervene before delivery if mishandling occurred during transport
  • Confirms effectiveness of packaging
  • Helps identify trouble spots during transportation and accountability
  • Helps maintain quality of product up to delivery

Sockwatch impact indicators are recognized by the main certification authorities for the added value provided to the quality of your products.