Propatherm descending

Real time control

FreezeSafe, ColdMark and Tempasure are indicators able to control the descending temperatures through the irreversible color change providing evidence  of a below threshold temperature excursion in a clear and easily way. They are the ideal solution for pharma and vaccines temperature control and have the following characteristics:


Freezesafe indicators, economic and small, are available for a temperature monitoring of 2°C and 0°C, with a reaction speed between 30 and 90 minutes of exposure, an accuracy of +/- 1°C and 2 year shelf from the production date.


Tempasure descending temperature indicators are ideal for very low temperatures monitoring, they cover a temperature threshold of -20°C and +10°C and they have an accuracy of +/- 2°C.



ColdMark indicators, precise and reliable, can monitor the temperature from -10°C to +2°C, with a reaction speed within 30 minutes, an accuracy of +/- 1°C and 2 year shelf life from the production date.

Cold Chain Complete
The Cold Chain Complete temperature indicator is ideal for respecting the cold chain during transport of vaccines and all temperature-sensitive products. This double indicator, ascending and descending, checks that the temperature is always maintained in the desired range and is available in the following versions:
2-8°C - 8 hour run out
0-8°C - 8 hour run out
2-8°C - 48 hour run out
0-8°C - 48 hour run out
2-25°C - 8 hour run out
0-25°C - 8 hour run out
Timestrip temperature indicators
The simple to use Timestrip indicators offer precise monitoring of time since activation or length of a temperature breach.

Timestrip indicators are activated by a simple squeeze of button. The modern design allows users to gather data with a glance. Adhesive backing on the small indicators make it simple to attach to the product, shipment or item to be monitored.


Timestrip Complete TC400, TC489 and TC490, indicators for temperatures between -2 and +8°C for guaranteeing the cold chain of food, pharma, healthcare and life sciences products.





Timestrip NEO 

For even more in-depth control, these new indicators provide additional information on the duration of exposure to various temperature levels, depending on the device used. Very small and lightweight, they offer good accuracy at a low cost.



NEO Fridge: monitors the duration of exposure to temperatures above 8°C and offers a double visual check for descending temperatures with alerts at 2°C and -0.5°C.

Temperature monitoring range:

  • Alert below 2°C
  • Alert below -0,5°C
  • Alert above 8°C with indication of exposure time




NEO Freeze Alarm: monitors the temperature below zero.

Temperature monitoring range:

  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • Alert at 0°C




NEO Room Temp: rising and falling temperature indicator with alerts at 25 and 15°C.

Temperature monitoring range:

  • Alert above 25°C
  • Alert below 15°C