Silica gel Propasil


Made from amorphous silica, PROPASIL appears as a hard, semitransparent granular substance. Its moisture-absorbing capacity is very high changing with environmental conditions.

PROPASIL was developed to protect the product from damages caused by moisture. Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPASIL reduces the dew point inside the packing during shipment, thus preserving its qualities and properties.

PROPASIL micro range is an extremely practical and highly absorbent products. It is the ideal solution for humidity problems in small spaces. Being highly compact it occupies minimal space within the package, while effectively absorbing the residual internal relative humidity.
PROPASIL micro is available in sizes from 0,5 to 3 g.

PROPASIL is available in canisters and in capsules of different weights, certified US DMF and FDA approved. Thanks to their small dimensions they are perfect to absorb the excess humidity in small spaces as inside the containers and vials of medicines or dietary supplements.

PROPASIL range can be supplied in bags, chains or panels according to FDA standard.

Main applications:
• Electronic equipment
• Pharmaceutical products
• Vitamins
• Food packaging
• Medical devices
• Medical diagnostic equipment
• Optical instruments
• Products made of leather, suede etc…
• Industrial packaging

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