Tips on how to wrap with VCI

For best results, please follow the instructions below:
- Ensure that parts to be protected are clean, dry, free from fingerprints or any other residuals;
- Wrap the parts with VCI film or VCI paper. Close the package as best as you can, avoiding perforation and air passage. It is also important to avoid contact between the pieces to be packed and wooden or cardboard particles that may contain water or acids;
- Finalise the packaging operations within 12 hours, and make sure that potential air flows do not scatter the VCI contained in the film;
- In order to allow the VCI inhibitor to completely fill the package keep the package still for some hours before shipping;
- To avoid moisture formation in the VCI package we also recommend placing desiccants products such as Propasec, Propagel and Propadry in the package.

VCI Film is perfect to cover the inner part of cases and cages as well. If this is the case, follow the above mentioned instructions.

PROPATECH VCI - Metal protection system

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