PROPATECH VCI paper can be matched to polyethylene, but also to other materials such as fabric or plastic mesh. In this way, it is possible to create ad hoc materials for specific use and protection requirements, with different and complementary characteristics.

The POLRETE PROPATECH VCI pairing is made up of packaging paper impregnated with PROPATECH VCI, mesh and polyethylene film. These materials together combine the anti-corrosion protection of paper, the strength of mesh and the waterproofing capacity of the polyethylene, ideal for example if metal manufactured goods need to be preserved from corrosion during transport and storage. The Polrete PROPATECH VCI pairing, thanks to the mesh that allows containing any tears, is particularly suitable for the packaging of sharp-edged products, to wrap manufactured goods or to line the inside of cardboard boxes, wooden crates and plastic or metal containers.